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MixStirs was designed for the “Active Lifestyle on the Go”. Our “Stirs” as we like to call them, are made from real fruit and juice with no sugar added. We have a wide variety that will meet all of your needs ranging from the “Classic and Fruit Stirs” to the “Vitamin Powered Stirs” to the “Create Your Own Protein Power Stirs”. We have fruits from California and fruits from Brazil like the Acai Berry which has more than twice the antioxidants of blueberries and more than 30 times that of red wine. Our locations are primarily located in Health Clubs and Fitness Centers however we do have full service locations as well.


13 thoughts on “About MixStirs

  1. Larry

    MixStirs has the best smoothies I ever tasted. I got one at the MixStirs in Glendale and am hooked. It was the perfect ending to my workout.

  2. Rachel Playso

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the new restaurant in Market Square, Pittsburgh. It’s a happy place to go to for lunch, its clean, friendly and most important the food is delicious. So KUDOS to the owner… YIPPEE… this franchise – they deserve a “HIGH FIVE” – A customer for life

  3. Jessica Clarke

    I just wanted to say that the young lady who works on Sundays at the Morris Park New York Sports Club in the Bronx makes the best orange-carrot juice (way better than Jamba Juice). She adds just the right amount of ingredients to get the right taste. She is very knowledgeable about the products and has a great personality. Keep up the good work!

  4. Ivette Velez

    I have been hooked on the protein shakes that Ann does for me every weekend at the Bronx location that I make it myself during the week. The peanut butter blast and the oreo shakes are the most incredible! They satisfy the sweetness and are both good for you and nutritional. It gives me a great boost after a great work out! Thank you
    – Ivette Velez (Bronx, NY)

  5. Eileen Halloran

    I agree totally to the comments of the Market Square Pittsburgh store. The owner as well as the staff are super friendly. The store is immaculate and food fresh and delicious. Smoothies to die for!! I too am already a huge fan and have recruited several other co-workers to the best new place in town!

  6. Jeniffer Homison

    I live just north of Pittsburgh in Cranberry Twp Pa. I found you by accident. My boyfriend and I were in Pittsburgh, Pa with my daughter and went into your store in Market Square. I loved it and my picky daughter did as well. You really, really need to bring that store more North into Cranberry Twp. It’s a booming town and I know it would do very well! LOVE the store and food! Great idea!

  7. Susan Altman

    Staff is wonderful. Very pleasant to work with. Quality of food is great. Keep up the good work.

  8. Ellen Karp

    Although I have only visited the BSC a few times as a guest I always look forward to a wonderful lunch at the snack bar. The service is always great and the staff is very friendly. Overall my experience at the snack bar has been great.

  9. Cliff Wellington Jr.

    My experience with the outdoor pool food facility was absolutely pleasant. The service was fast and the food is amazing. Great customer service / management!!!

  10. Diane Canning

    “I visited the location on Grant Street in Pittsburgh PA. The staff is friendly and service is quick. There are lots of choices on the menu. The black bean and rice wrap has a lot of flavor and is very filling. It is a very good wrap. “

  11. Lindsey

    I just wanted to let you know how impressed I am with the staff at the Pittsburgh MixStirs on Grant Street. They are friendly and efficient and are a real asset to the location.

  12. Tanner Boley

    I always enjoy joining local health clubs and being with the company of health conscious individuals.

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