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MixStirs Makes Smoothies for Health Day at Rhame Ave Elementary School

East Rockaway, NY, June 15, 2009 – MixStirs spent the day sharing the health benefits of drinking smoothies with students at Rhame Ave Elementary School. As part of the culmination of the school’s Healthy Living Campaign, students and faculty enjoyed the health benefits of two MixStirs favorites, the Smashin Supreme and the Mixd Dream. The event proved healthy eating can be fun.

This is the best smoothie I ever tasted says Melissa, a 5th grade student whose mom makes her smoothies at home, I am bringing this menu home to my mom. When asked if he ever had a smoothie before, Joe, a 2nd grader said, I never had one before but I like this a lot!

“We are honored to donate our time for such a fantastic event. Providing the children and faculty of this wonderful school the opportunity to taste Mixstirs Smoothies, reinforces the idea that healthy foods are also delicious foods.” said Mike Greenberg, President and Founder of MixStirs, “Many of these kids are being exposed to healthy smoothies for the first time and they are amazed at how good fruit tastes.”

MixStirs great tasting smoothies continue to grow in popularity as the trend continues toward healthy alternatives to fast food. MixStirs uses fresh fruit flown in from the west coast. To ensure that the fruit is at its optimal taste, it is flash frozen and shipped to the East Coast. Using this frozen fruit allows MixStirs to use a very small amount of ice, 10% – 20% of what its competitors use, creating smoothies that taste very sweet without having to add any sugar.

MixStirs has over 20 locations across the country making fresh fruit smoothies and protein shakes. To find the MixStirs closest to you please visit http://mixstirs.com.

Franchising information is also available on the website.

Good Looks Smoothie

Want to make yourself more attractive simply by drinking?

We don’t mean looking in the mirror after 10 pints of Stella, either – root vegetables such as parsnips are high in potassium, which strengthens hair and nails, while the carrots, peppers and melon are full of skin-healing and cleansing vitamins A and C.


2 peeled carrots
1 ½ peeled and diced
Galia melon
1 peeled parsnip
1 deseeded green pepper
100ml fresh orange juice

Blend all the fruit and veggies together, adding the juice at the end to improve the drink’s texture and give an extra boost of vitamin C.