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MixStirs is a rapidly growing franchise designed for active lifestyles on the go.

We offer smoothies - or “Stirs, as we prefer to call them - of every variety and to suit every taste.

When you pick up one of our menus the array of choices will delight your senses. Choose a "Classic" or "Fruit Stir", made from nutrient-packed wonder fruits like mango, passion fruit or the exotic Brazilian acai berry - all with no sugar added.

Our "Vitamin Power Stirs" are loaded with essential nutrients and antioxidants, or you can try one of our specialty "Boost Stirs", like the "Immune Power Boost", the "Fat Burner Boost", or the ever popular "Relaxation Boost" made with kava kava, chamomile and other proven ingredients that are sure to help you find your hidden Zen.

There are even "Dessert Stirs" and for those independent types, we have a "Create Your Own Protein Stir".

Our reputation is growing and our franchise locations are expanding, for a good reason. Eileen Halloran, a customer from our Market Square, Pittsburgh location puts it this way:
"Smoothies to die for! I too am already a huge fan and have recruited several other co-workers to the new best place in town!"
While we do have a few full-service stores, we are primarily located inside health clubs and fitness centers. Currently, we have locations in 6 states, but our smoothie franchises are now being offered across the country. For more information about MixStirs Smoothie Franchises click here.

MixStirs' unique combination of health conscious, real fruit and juice smoothies in so many delicious varieties sets us apart from the rest.