Tips for Exercise Success

Swimming, cycling, jogging, skiing, aerobic dancing, walking or any of dozens of other activities can help your heart. They all cause you to feel warm, perspire and breathe heavily without being out of breath and without feeling any burning sensation in your muscles. Whether it is a structured exercise program or just part of your daily routine, all exercise adds up to a healthier heart.

Here are some tips for exercise success:

If you’ve been sedentary for a long time, are overweight, have a high risk of coronary heart disease or some other chronic health problem, see your doctor for a medical evaluation before beginning a physical activity program.

Choose activities that are fun, not exhausting. Add variety. Develop a repertoire of several activities that you can enjoy. That way, exercise will never seem boring or routine.

Wear comfortable, properly fitted footwear and comfortable, loose-fitting clothing appropriate for the weather and the activity.

Find a convenient time and place to do activities. Try to make it a habit, but be flexible. If you miss an exercise opportunity, work activity into your day another way.

Use music to keep you entertained.

Surround yourself with supportive people. Decide what kind of support you need. Do you want them to remind you to exercise? Ask about your progress? Participate with you regularly or occasionally? Allow you time to exercise by yourself? Go with you to a special event, such as a 10K walk/run? Be understanding when you get up early to exercise? Spend time with the children while you exercise? Try not to ask you to change your exercise routine? Share your activity time with others. Make a date with a family member, friend or co-worker. Be an active role model for your children.

Don’t overdo it. Do low- to moderate-level activities, especially at first. You can slowly increase the duration and intensity of your activities as you become more fit. Over time, work up to exercising on most days of the week for 30-60 minutes.

Keep a record of your activities. Reward yourself at special milestones. Nothing motivates like success!

9 Top Health Benefits of Green Smoothies

It’s strange. Once someone starts to drink a smoothie with added greens daily for a month or two, they start to get compliments on how radiant their skin looks, on how slim their body is becoming, and on how much vibrant energy they have.

You can expect some of the following things to occur:

1. More Energy

Believe me, I know… I have a toddler, an infant, and run my own business. All the while I need to clean the house and prepare meals. Life is crazy! That is why it is so important to keep processed foods out of the home and nutrient dense smoothies readily available us and our loved ones. We can’t afford to not receive the benefits of green smoothies.

2. Regular Digestion

There will be no need for a reader’s digest in the bathroom anymore! Through my years of studying health, having clean bowels is one of the most important things that you can do for your body. The bowels get rid of toxins and the digested food.

Many experts say that you need to have a bowel movement at least 2-3 times per day. The bowels should be soft and easy to eliminate. A green smoothie made with kale seems to work the best.

3. Experience fewer cravings for sugary and salty processed food

Out of all of the benefits of green smoothies, this one is my favorite. There is nothing like breaking free from the bonds of unhealthy snack food.

My cravings for chocolate and chips were so bad that I would drive to the store in the middle of the night. Not good for my weight, my health, or my wallet! It took about 2 months of green smoothies for my body to start craving healthy foods. Boy, did it feel good!

Just think… you can break free from your food addiction too!

4. Receive fewer mood swings

5. Lose weight!

Your body will be getting the nutrients that it needs. So you will not be rummaging through you pantry for unhealthy snacks. The less junk that you eat, the less junk that will be in your trunk.

6. Your skin becomes radiant!

When your bowels are moving correctly, you body can eliminate toxins in an efficient manner. Usually someone with acne and other skin problem have a problem with regular bowels. When the toxins cannot leave through the bowel regularly, they have to leave somewhere else, your skin.

By drinking a daily green smoothie, you can improve your digestive system that in turn improves your skin. You could say it is green smoothie beauty!

There are many different opinions on how to make your skin shine with radiance. Fancy creams and expensive surgeries will not replace eating wholesome foods. A diet for good skin is one of the best things that you can do to transform your skin from the inside out.

There are other secrets that can give you glowing results. Check out these five natural beauty tips that will rejuvenate your skin.

7. You may feel an urge to start exercising.

Your body craves to be used. But processed foods drain our bodies of the much needed energy. Replace the junk food with nutrient dense foods, and your body will be bounding with energy.

8. Blood sugars may be stabilized

If you are a diabetic, you may need to choose low sugar fruits at first. Such as berries, green apples, grapefruit, etc.

9. Hair and nails grow in faster and stronger

MixStirs Smoothie of the Month for March is the Oreo Mint!

Made with Non-fat Milk, Not-fat Vanilla Yogurt, Low-fat Oreo Cookies, Chocolate Powder and Peppermint Extract, the Oreo Mint is sure to be your new favorite.  At just over 200 calories and only 3 grams of fat it packs a punch with over 10 grams of protein.  Some say it tastes like Christmas in March………. some say it taste like a thin mint from the girl scouts………. I say it is the most refreshing thing I have ever tasted!
What do you think?


Did you know that almost 25% of the population is obese? There are many people around the world who are trying to lose weight so that they can develop a good body physique. Being overweight does not only compromise your appearance but it compromises your health as well. The presence of too much fat in the body makes a person unhealthy and experience ailments such as high blood pressure which might lead to strokes and heart attacks. Smoothies are low in fat and a good way to get a healthy meal without the fat.

If you are obese, you need to lose weight and the way to do this is to avoid using fad diets. Fad diets make your body go into starvation mode. When the body is in starvation it starts to burn muscles instead of fat so that it is be able to generate energy. Due to the loss in muscle a person’s metabolism decreases. When your body metabolism decreases you are unable to burn many calories and this will make you gain weight.

If you want to lose weight you should get rid of your scale. This is the best decision you will ever make as far as your quest to lose weight is concerned. The scale lacks the capability of telling you what you need to know about your body. A scale cannot determine the amount of fat you have plus it cannot tell you just how much fluid you have in your body. It cannot help you determine how much muscle your body has. You should just throw it away.

The other thing you need to do is make sure your weight training program concentrates on techniques which will increase your lean body muscle. The factor that determines your rate of metabolism is your muscles. The more muscle you have the higher the rate of your body metabolism is going to be. That is the reason why men burn faster compared to females. Men have more muscles than females. When you lift weights you are able to increase your muscles. Weight training involves the use of free weights or cable machines. The use of free weights and cable movements require a person to be very skillful compared to the use of machines. The use of free weights and cable movements also requires you to create more muscular balance than the use of machines.

Your general focus when it comes to losing weight should be weight lifting since this leads to a permanent loss in weight.

Pumpkin Smoothie

If you haven’t visited a MixStirs in the last few weeks then you haven’t had a Pumpkin Stir, our Smoothie of the Month for November.  MixStir’s Pumpin’ Pumpkin Stir is pumpkin pie in a cup.  The smooth pumpkin, topped with whip cream and graham cracker crumbs tastes as good as it sounds.  Even if you are not a pumpkin fan, give it a try, you won’t believe your eyes, or taste buds rather.

New Openings in the 3rd Quarter

Two new MixStirs opened in the 3rd quarter. They were both in Pittsburgh and both were opened by existing store owners. Matt McCrerey, owner of the MixStirs Cafe on Grant Street opened in the History Center, part of the Smithsonian, at 1212 Smallman Street. This is Matt’s second location after many years building his Grant Street location into the highest grossing MixStirs location. The History Center location is doing phenomenal and Matt is really learning how to manage multiple operations and take trust in his employees. With the success of his first location Matt was approached by the History Center about expanding the MixStirs brand into their beautiful center. Matt jumped at the opportunity and the experience has been amazing.

Mike Pefuffer and Andy Sysak opened their third location and first inside a fitness center in the Club One Fitness at 6325 Penn Ave. They have expanded quickly since opening their first location in Market Square in late 2007. Previously this year they opened their second location in Sewickley, PA and just couldn’t resist the opportunity in Club One Fitness. They are off to a great start in Club One and are even doing a nice catering business out of there. They are already in talks to open their fourth location in the Green Tree Sportsplex in Pittsburgh. With Green Tree there will be a total of 6 locations in Pittsburgh which is turning into our strongest market.

MixStirs in the Heinz History Center is Now Open

MixStirs is proud to announce the opening of its newest location in Pittsburgh, PA.

Located at:
1212 Smallman Street in the Heinz History Center

The place was mobbed as people came from all around to enjoy their favorite smoothie.

Smoothies, wraps, paninis, protein shakes, soup and more!

Rumor on the street is that another MixStirs will be opening in Sewickley in August.

Keep a look out for a special e-mail with all the details.

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